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TRANSLATIONS AND LINGUISTIC SERVICES   English - French - German - Spanish > Italian

Communication to the next level: reaching out to your clients has never been so easy!

Let me give the RIGHT VOICE to your IDEAS, for a clear and effective message: CONTACT ME


"I really appreciate your willingness to help with these details. It's so helpful.

I wish I had a Roberta for all the languages, especially the ones I can't read. Not all are as thorough, quick or helpful."

Wai Lana Productions - PM

"Roberta was part of a 6-person team for a longterm project I spearheaded. She was unbelievably nice, her results were top notch and I will call her first for any follow up projects. Work with her, you'll love her. "

Nicole König - Translator, Outsourcer

"Roberta is very professional, inspires confidence, and is a pleasure to work with.

She provided a quality translation and I hope to work with her again when I need Italian."

Diana Sherer - PM