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“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”

Winston Churchill


English - French - German - Spanish - Italian

Professionalism - Mediation - 

Results Oriented

Key points: 
  • Linguistic support

  • International correspondence and
    international relationships

  • Support for procurement and logistics

  • Cooperation for events, trade shows, conferences, conventions, and exibitions

Both individuals and companies can rely on linguistic support and cooperation for negotiations: to fulfil your needs in dealing with international correspondence and relationships, to take part to tenders, for a professional supervision of your business relationship or for specific consultancies in the fields of procurement and logistics

Let me support you for the preparation of marketing and publicity materials for trade shows, with my presence on site to welcome international clients and for activities of cultural mediation

Take advantage of my long-time experience with the most used international standards in costruction

Together, we can design tailor-made solutions for your needs:
diversity is an asset to enhance and to consider as a strong point.  

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